TuxJam 48 – Hear, there and Entroware

Cover2Kevie and mcnalu burst into the new year in a blaze of obscurity. We start with our brief survey of recent and lesser known linuxes on distrowatch. We then welcome our guest Dave Morriss who reviews his Entroware Kratos laptop which was a prize at Oggcamp 2015. Kevie then reviews desktop RSS client Liferea. Andrew takes a second look at the multi-protocol microblogging android app andstatus and revises his previous opinion of it. Finally Kevie reports back on his experiences with NixNote2. We finish up, as ever, with a roundup of feedback.

Creative commons tracks played on this show:

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TuxJam 47 – A Geeky Christmas Carol

Cover2Kevie and mcnalu take time out of their port-supping and mince pie gobbling to bring another TuxJam festive special, this time in three Dickensian parts:

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

Happy New Year!

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Crivins 131 – How the West Won Christmas

CrivinsIn a Christmas related episode of Crivins, Kevie is joined by Lainey, Caroline and Dave Lee (known members of the Bugcast crew).  The discussion is around how Christmas has become less of a religious festival in the west and more of a business opportunity.  Does this happen with other religions in other parts of the world? We’d love to hear your views.  The track included in this episode:

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CCJam 43 – Joe Farren

cover2In episode 43 of CCJam, Yannick introduces the listeners to Americana singer/songwriter Joe Farren. Joe is active on Facebook and Twitter as well as keeping an active presence on YouTube.  You can purchase physical copies of his music via CDbaby and Amazon. Digital tracks can be downloaded via Bandcamp, iTunes, Jamendo and Soundcloud. Tracks included in this episode:

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TuxJam 46 – Gift for geeks 2015

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie continue the TuxJam tradition of abandoning our usual format to bring you a special festive episode that brings you suggestions of gifts for geeks, or indeed gifts that might help bring out the inner-geek in a friend or family-member.

Gifts  for Geeks

Stocking fillers (£0 to £20)

Mid-range (£20 to £150)

Top-end (£150 or more)

Festive Creative Commons tracks played

Wishing you a Merry Christrmas and a Happy New Year from Kevie and Andrew!

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TuxJam 45 – We’ve got an ogg feeling about this

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie continue their neverending* tour of little-known Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) whilst dancing to the tune of Creative Commons music. We survey recent GNU/Linux (and other) distros on distrowatch.com and then Andrew recounts his first experiences as an attendee of Oggcamp. Kevie and Andrew then review 4MLinux which is a quadrapedal distro standing on legs of Maintenance, Media, Mini-server and Mystery. Kevie then discusses his experience of playing 4 color taxi which was his first ever bitcoin purchase. Finally, after thinking we had no feedback, we in fact had loads, including some in-person kind words from Alister Christman at Oggcamp. Please do get in touch and remember you can comment on this post.

*This show is not of infinite length.

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

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CCJam 42 – Sunflowers

cover2In episode 42 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Sunflowers.  Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to find any info about them apart from their page on Jamendo (which is rather sparse TBH). The tracks included in this episode are:

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CCJam 41 – madelyniris

cover2For episode 41 of CCJam, Dave Lee present to you madelyniris – Maddy Munsell.

“I write imperfect music and hope it lives inside your heart”

Recorded with a broken macbook in the closets of sorority houses and wintered piano rooms at a midwestern university,
this album will warm your heart with its honesty about the adventure of youth and love lost.

If you’ve ever screamed in the car to a mix CD, or secretly hid a tattoo from your parents, you’ll identify with the songs on “adventures.”

Maddy is active on Twitter and Facebook. To listen to more of her music check out her Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube and Jamendo pages. The tracks included in the show have been taken from her EP Adventures:

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Crivins 130 – The Whole Story

CrivinsIn episode 130 of Crivins, Kevie is joined by Bugcast co-host Dave Lee (AKA thelovebug) and first time guest Lainey to discuss the story that has been shown around the world and reported widely on national news channels of the US security guard and the school girl.  As the basis of the discussion, take a read of these two stories: security and cage. The trio discuss the dangers of trial by media and snippets of information being used to form very one sided arguments.

The track included in this episode:

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