CCJam 30 – Warped

cover2As CCJam turns 30, Kevie introduces the listeners to Warped, however he is unsure if this is a band or a small record label.  Aside from being located in Carlisle in the north of England, there is little online that I have found about them.  The limited information found has been taken from their Jamendo and Soundcloud profiles.  Tracks included in this episode are:

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CCJam 29 – Gabriel LEbo

cover2In episode 29 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listners to Argentinian singer Gabriel LEbo. Apart from Jamendo, he doesn’t seem to have much presence on the web.  The tracks included in this episode are:

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CCJam 28 – I am Not Left Handed

cover2In episode 28 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Irish indie rock band I am Not Left Handed. They are active on Facebook and Twitter.  As well as their official website their music is available on Jamendo, Bandcamp, itunes and Amazon. Tracks included in this episode are:

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CCJam 27 – Singletons

cover2Kevie returns with another episode of CCJam, this time introducing the listeners to Ukranian indie rock band Singleton. Their music is available in various places around the web including Jamendo, Soundcloud, CD Baby, Amazon and itunes. As well as keeping a presence on social media through Twitter and Facebook. Tracks included in this episode are:

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TuxJam 42 – THE Meaning of Life

Cover2The scene could not have been better: TuxJam episode 42 recorded on Towel Day. In order to mark this huge event Kevie and Andrew take a look at TWO distros: Gnewsense and RiscOS, we were busy over the last month. We also take a look at SimpleDo and TripleCamel on the Android platform. Not forgetting the power users, Kevie takes a look at the CLI BitTorrent application rtorrent. As well as taking a look ahead to the upcoming Podcrawl Glasgow 2015 (check out the HPR Podcrawl Special), which is taking place in Andrew’s home city (yet oddly enough Kevie seems to be choosing the pubs?!?!?) All this combined with the usual array of creative commons music. The tracks included in this episode are:

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Crivins 126 – Attack Of The Fridge Freezers

CrivinsAs more of our household appliances become smart, will legislation be required to force manufacturers to keep patching them? If not, we’ll have armies of vulnerable devices being used in botnets, sapping our bandwidth and maybe inviting a knock on the door from the authorities.


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TuxJam 41 – Found the plot

Cover2After a wee Easter break, Kevie and Andrew (aka mcnalu) return to talk you through some lesser known Free and Open Source (FOSS) goodies interspersed with specially selected Creative Commons tracks. is dominated by Ubuntu-based distro releases at present, but we find a few obscure and interesting ones nonetheless. Kevie then reviews a newly invigorated Twidere which he finds much to his liking. Andrew then talks about one of the oldest examples of FOSS – older than even Linux – the venerable gnuplot, which, surprisingly, is not affiliated with the GNU project. Kevie then reviews Soundwaves which you may find useful for managing podcasts, even TuxJam perhaps.

If you’re interested in podcasts and a pubs (or even just pubs and hanging out with podcasters), please do put 10th July 2015 in your diary and join us for the Glasgow Podcrawl.

Creative commons tracks played:

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CCJam 26-Thirty Day Notice & Yumi Kurosawa

cover2In episode 26 of CCJam, Andrew Conway introduces the listeners to Thirty Day Notice and Yumi Kurosawa.  The tracks included in this show are:

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