Crivins 126 – Attack Of The Fridge Freezers

CrivinsAs more of our household appliances become smart, will legislation be required to force manufacturers to keep patching them? If not, we’ll have armies of vulnerable devices being used in botnets, sapping our bandwidth and maybe inviting a knock on the door from the authorities.


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TuxJam 41 – Found the plot

Cover2After a wee Easter break, Kevie and Andrew (aka mcnalu) return to talk you through some lesser known Free and Open Source (FOSS) goodies interspersed with specially selected Creative Commons tracks. is dominated by Ubuntu-based distro releases at present, but we find a few obscure and interesting ones nonetheless. Kevie then reviews a newly invigorated Twidere which he finds much to his liking. Andrew then talks about one of the oldest examples of FOSS – older than even Linux – the venerable gnuplot, which, surprisingly, is not affiliated with the GNU project. Kevie then reviews Soundwaves which you may find useful for managing podcasts, even TuxJam perhaps.

If you’re interested in podcasts and a pubs (or even just pubs and hanging out with podcasters), please do put 10th July 2015 in your diary and join us for the Glasgow Podcrawl.

Creative commons tracks played:

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CCJam 26-Thirty Day Notice & Yumi Kurosawa

cover2In episode 26 of CCJam, Andrew Conway introduces the listeners to Thirty Day Notice and Yumi Kurosawa.  The tracks included in this show are:

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TuxJam 40 – Game over

Cover2Don’t let the title spook you, it’s not Game Over for TuxJam – it’s a reference to our main review. Andrew (aka mcnalu) returns from his sabbatical (i.e. he had man-flu) to join co-conspirator Kevie for another bout of less well-known FOSS software reviews laced with creative commons music. We start with our usual wander through  and move on to discuss Sparky Linux – Game Over Edition. Next, Kevie reviews his experience with FireFox OS v2.1 on the ZTE Open phone, and then Andrew reviews the simple, non-GUI music player CMUS, as suggested by the esteemed chalkahlom. We were delighted to have a lot to talk about in our feedback section. Please keep it coming! We really value your thoughts.

Creative commons tracks played:

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TuxJam 39 – Returning To My Roots

Cover2In a return to the original TuxJam format, Kevie takes a look at Ikey Doherty’s work on EvolveOS and the Budgie desktop.  The Radio Tray applet goes down well with the radio loving host.  Being involved with Linux and podcasting means that you become a frequent visitor to IRC, Kevie looks at two Android IRC: AiCiA and YAAIC.  Along with the usual mix of Creative Commons music.  The tracks included in this episode are:

Kevie’s HPR episodes:

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CCJam 25 – Teresa

cover2In episode 25 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to German artist Teresa.  She is active on Jamendo, Facebook and YouTube, her first full length album is available to purchase from itunes and Bandcamp.  The tracks included in this show are:

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CCJam 24 – Blowing up Bridges


In episode 24 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Portland based punk rockers Blowing Up Bridges.  They have a selection of music available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.  They are also included in the punk mix tape Work Together Play Together.  The tracks included on this show are from the Terrorist Chic EP:

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