CCJam 39 – Vinyl Blast

cover2In episode 39, Kevie introduces the listeners to Vinyl Blast from St Petersburg, Russia.  The band recently released their first EP, which is available from Jamendo and the Abandoned Zone record label.  At the time of recording the show, the band are active on Facebook. The tracks included in the episode are:

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Crivins 129 – Can Free Speech Be Too Free?

CrivinsFollowing an extended summer break, Kevie returns to the Crivins hot seat with Caroline Lee (Moosical).  Caroline is no stranger to the podcast, having filled in for Kevie during a previous summer break.  In the episode the discussion starts with the use of Telegram by Islamic extremist group ISIS and this develops into a conversation about freedom of speech.  Is too much freedom a good thing or a bad thing?


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CCJam 38 – Campfires and Constellations

cover2Kevie introduces the listeners to southern country rockers Campfires and Constellations. The band are active on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Instagram and YouTube. The tracks included in this episode are:

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CCJam 37 – ArcelliA

cover2Kevie introduces the listeners to Marlie Arcellia from Jakarta, Indonesia.  She goes under the names ArcelliA and Me in Simplicity.  She is active on Soundcloud, YouTube and Facebook.  A small selection of her tracks are also available to purchase from Bandcamp should you wish to support her.  The tracks included in the episode are:

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TuxJam 44 – Simple surf ubuntu do

Cover2Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie throw off their slippers and discard their (bubble) pipes in their ongoing quest for little-known Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Creative Commons music. After the usual round-up of recent GNU/Linux (and other) distros on Kevie describes his thoughts on his day-to-day experience of using the BQ Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu phone for the last few months. Andrew and Kevie then review the no-frills web browser surf – recommended by chalkahlom – which turns out not to be quite as lightweight as you might expect, especially if you run it using tabbed. Andrew then discusses his experience of using the Android SimpleDo app on his phone since it was first reviewed on TuxJam some moons ago. Finally, there’s a brief round-up of feedback on past shows, including a few kind words. Feedback is much appreciated, even if critical. There are several ways to get in touch including commenting on this post – so don’t hold back!

Creative commons tracks played in this show:

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CCJam 36 – Steady Hussle

cover2In the 36th episode of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Canadian rock band Steady Hussle. Fresh off the release of their EP Copacetic in July 2015, they followed this with the single Stick Around at the start of September 2015.  The band are active on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Their music is available on Jamendo, itunes, Amazon and YouTube.  The tracks included in this episode are:

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CCJam 35 – Saeed AlSuri

cover2In episode 35 Kevie introduces the listeners to Saeed AlSuri, a singer/songwriter from Oman.  Saeed is active on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  You can download his music on Jamendo.  The tracks included in the episode are:

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TuxJam 43 – A Distinctly NuTyX Flavour

Cover2Kevie and Andrew (aka mcnalu) are back from our summer holiday (or vacation if you prefer) and keen to get stuck into the world of not-so-well-known free and open source (FOSS) software and Creative Commons music. We start off with our usual distrowatch round-up of new lesser-know GNU/linux distro releases, then move on to discuss experiences with NuTyX – a distro built from the ground up using Linux from Scratch (LFS). We then take a look at the ultra-lightweight web browser Dillo and consider whether its speed and no-frills approach is still useful in a web dominated by javascript (hint: for text content, yes). Kevie then goes on to discuss his experiences with python-based linux twitter client Polly. Finally we recall the early, heady days of summer when we met up with Dave Morris and Andrew Gregory for Podcrawl Glasgow.


Creative commons tracks played in this episode:

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CCJam 34 – Waterpistol

cover2In episode 34 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to Waterpistol. The British-Dutch duo recently released their first EP Blue Waters following a successful crowdfunding campaign.  They are active on Twitter and Facebook. Their music is available from Jamendo, Bandcamp and Amazon.  The tracks included in this episode are:

CCJam 33 – Kingface

cover2In episode 33 of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to 80s punk rockers Kingface from Washington DC.  Having stumbled across them on the FMA site, despite their lack of potential future developments, Kevie felt this band was simply too good not to share.  They have a Facebook page and their album is available for purchase on Dischord.  Their Facebook page also links to a blog post about the band on WFMU.  Tracks included on this episode are recorded live at the 9:30 Club, Washington DC in 1988.

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