CCJam 23 – John Travoltage

cover2In the twenty third episode of CCJam, kevie introduces the listeners to California rock band John Travoltage. They are active on Facebook, Soundcloud, Jamendo and Reverbnation.  The tracks on this episode do contain some language that some listeners may find offensive, for that reason it carries a NSFW label.  The track included in this podcast are:

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TuxJam 38 – Tangling with Tanglu

Cover2Kevie and Andrew (aka McNalu) begin by reviewing a bumper crop of interesting distro releases listed on Kevie then gives us a revised opinion of some software he reviewed in previous episodes based on longer-term use, and blames Andrew for making him try the vector graphics application Karbon. The rest of the show is taken over with a review of  the Debian-based Tanglu GNU/Linux distro, which has been around now for about a year. Kevie tries out both its Gnome and KDE variants, and Andrew, being a day-to-day KDE user, moves out of his comfort-zone to try Tanglu with Gnome 3. Andrew mentions a  game he’s been playing – the splendidly titled Sir, You Are Being Hunted – and then explains why he has decided to take out a life membership of the music service, which he often uses as a source of creative commons-licensed music for TuxJam. We end with an appeal for more feedback as unusually we didn’t receive any for TuxJam 37 :( Your comments and suggestions for reviews and of music to play are very welcome!

Creative commons tracks played:

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CCJam 22 – Fallen To Flux

cover2In the 22nd episode of CCJam, Kevie introduces the listeners to the London based hard-rock band Fallen to Flux. The band are very active at the moment with a new EP and the opening of a new merchandise store. They are active on, Twitter, Facebook, itunes, Youtube, Bandcamp, Spotify and Jamendo.

The tracks included in the podcast today are:

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Crivins 120 – Police, Camera, Action & Cut; Now Delete That Evidence


In an era of an ever increasing militarisation of the Police, aided by the sense that they’re above the law, it’s more important than ever for civilians to watch, record and expose them. The era of doing that overtly is also over. We need to take additional steps to preserve the evidence.



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TuxJam 37 – Gifts for Geeks 2014

Andrew (aka mcnalu) and Kevie continue the TuxJam tradition of a special festive episode that brings you suggestions of gifts for geeks, or indeed gifts that might help bring out the inner-geek in a friend or family-member. Before we get to those, Kevie talks on his positive experience of self-proclaimed “lovely” linux distribution LXLE.

Gifts  for Geeks

Stocking fillers (£0 to £20)

Mid-range (£20 to £150)

Top-end (£150 or more)

Festive Creative Commons tracks played

*If you liked this track, you can download it along with the Magnatune Christmas album for free.

Wishing you a Merry Christrmas and a Happy New Year from Kevie and Andrew!

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TuxJam 36 – Three Scottish Stooges Script Screenplays

Cover2Kevie and Andrew (aka mcnalu) start off with a round up of recent releases of lesser-known distros on They review Neptune OS 4.2 which was released just after 4.1 was reviewed in TuxJam 35, and find only slight improvements on what was already a well-crafted linux distro. They’re then joined by Gordon aka ThistleWeb from our sibling podcast Crivins to talk about Trelby, a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) package for writing scripts and screenplays. If you’d like to know a bit more, give Gordon’s Hacker Public Radio (HPR) show on this topic a listen. Andrew (the complete graphics amateur) then reviews the vector graphics software Karbon and is quizzed  by Kevie, who makes a living from teaching young folk to use graphics software. How Karbon compares to Inkspace, it’s main FOSS rival, is left for a future episode. Kevie then reviews streamripper, which, as the name suggests, is a tool for recording audio streams. We then review our feedback and pass on the invite to the HPR new year special show.

Creative commons tunes played in this episode were:

Rise by Rob Warren  – suggested by Pete Daniels
David & Golliath by Wooden Legs – suggested by Tim Dobson
I’m Down, Down, Down by Yuvalain
Don’t Stop by Tradmark
Answer My Call by The Way I Am
All I Wanna Be Is Happy by A Beautiful Tomorrow

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