TuxJam episode 31

This episode is a TuxJam special to go out on Hacker Public Radio, which means it’s slightly more geeky than normal. We start with our usual obscure distrowatch roundup, then Kevie talks about his experience with recording and editing a tutorial on using the GIMP image editing software. If you’re curious to know who Benny Hill is, or would like a reminder, have a look at this video (warning: this is no longer politically correct, but still funny though!). Andrew then talks about his recent experiences using Python’s excellent Numpy and Scipy modules in working with astronomical data. Particularly impressive is that the team who announced an important discovery concerning the origins of our Universe (BICEP2) this week have released not only their data, but also their source code in a tar ball on an elegantly simple website. Kevie then returns us to Earth with a review of the appealing status.net/GNU Social microblogging client called Crow, developed by Bijan. We round off with feedback on the show and by wishing everyone, especially HPR listeners, a happy No Ruz (Persian New Year).

Please do let us have feedback, either by commenting on this post, or to any of the following: andrew on status.net; kevie on statust.net; andrew on friendi.ca; kevie on diaspora. And you can also find us as mcnalu and kevie on twitter (but we’re not very active there).

Tracks played on this show:

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4 thoughts on “TuxJam episode 31

  1. Hi guys,
    just found your site and other podcasts thanks to this episode posted on Hacker Public Radio.

    after using linux for 10 years, its great to hear others with similar open source views

    I love the open honest balanced view and presenting style that you have.

    looking forward to hearing more

    Don (Co Durham UK)

  2. I just listened to your Tuxjam HPR episode. The tune used in all the sped up video bits from Benny Hill is called Yakity Sax (I think originally by Spike Jones). I did a quick look on archive.org if there was a recording from far enough back that it might be in public domain. But I only found a recording of a recent live performance https://archive.org/details/yomama2009-10-24 (see track 11) which has no clear licensing information attached. We can’t always be as lucky as when I went looking for Raymond Scott’s Powerhouse (better known as music in many of the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons) and archive.org had a video of a 1955 TV variety show with a performance https://archive.org/details/Your_Hit_Parade_6

    Great podcast, I’ll add it to my regular podcast listening.

  3. I came across your podcast on HPR and subscribed in my Android podcast player. However no episodes are downloaded as the feed is set up as video ogg and my player only plays audio.

    Perhaps you could correct this?



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